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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finding Photos with CC Licenses

FlickrCCflickrCC is a great place to find CC licensed images.

Not only does it find images but flickrCC also allows you to edit them by cropping and resizing.

As well as this you can add text anywhere on the image. Finally, you can add a frame and inculde the correct attribution at the bottom of the image.

Once edited use a screen capture program such as Printkey2000 to save the image to your computer.

PictureSandbox Logo

PictureSandbox is a cool tool that lets you choose the CC license type before it searchs Flickr for your specified photos.  First came across this on Tama's eLearning blog. It is easy to use and should encourage students and teachers to pay more attention to copyright regulations!

  Behold Logo

Came across another similar tool on Stephen's Web called Behold. This tool searches Flickr specifically for high quality images. Make sure you tick the 'free to use' box!

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