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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Screen Recording with Camstudio

Camstudio Logo

CamStudio is capable of recording all screen and audio activity on your computer. An AVI video file is created but this can be converted to a web friendly flash video format with the inbuilt SWF producer. This sofware is particularly useful for creating demonstration or tutorial type videos. It also allows you to addd screen or video captions to the recording. CamStudio can also be used to 'record' videos played on video sharing sites such as YouTube

Make sure that you change the default compressor (Microsoft Video1), otherwise the final file size will be very large. The DivX codec or the CamStudio Lossless codec are both recommended. Dowload and install these codecs before using CamStudio. You should also download and use the LameMP3 encoder for audio compression. Watch the following excellent video to see how these setting in CamStudio must be changed:

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