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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Use your Email for File Storage

Backup to Email

The Backup to Email software enables you to send any file to your email account. Once the Backup to Email software is installed, ensure that you change the “outgoing server” option to either the smtp of your ISP or the gmail smtp (smtp.gmail.com). If you are using the gmail smtp then you may also have to enable secure authentication.

To backup a file, simply right click on the file and then choose 'Backup to Email'. When backing up a folder, the software automatically zips the folder and sends it to the email account. A copy of the zipped folder is also left on the computer. There is no limit to the size of file transferred although files bigger than 10MB will be split into 10MB slices.

Backup to Email also allows for management of multiple email accounts and a very useful user guide is provided on the website. This is a very handy way for students to submit class assignments or exams as it really is just a two click process!!

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