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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Handy Typing Tutors

Rapid Typing Keyboard

Rapid Typing is a handy little typing tutor, which uses a simple yet colourful interface.

Essentially, Rapid Typing is a typing game, where the training takes place in a "virtual picturesque underwater world" adding some fun to the training. As you improve your typing level "more nice underwater creatures will come to light". The underwater scene is, indeed, very colourful if not somewhat distracting - although you can switch off the animation if you want to.

Rapid Typing

Rapid Typing provides training statistics including wpm or cpm, with the statistics reflecting typing speed and accuracy.

Keyboard emulation, where the keys and finger workplaces are highlighted, is also provided by Rapid Typing. Interestingly, several different keyboard layouts are provided.

Rapid Typing lets you can choose the order in which to complete the typing lessons and you can create your own extra exercises. Multiple users with their own personal settings are supported, which is very handy for the classroom setting.

To add to all this, Rapid Typing may be installed or just run from a memory stick as a portable application!

However, if you simply want to practice your typing online then visit Peter's Online Course, recommended by Zaid. You could also try PowerTyping, another free online typing tutor. Kevin recommends the online BBC typing tutorial. This one is aimed at the younger kids but is great fun for anyone learning typing.

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