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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Online Storage for all File Types

DivShare - Online Storage

DivShare provides "free, unlimited storage and sharing for your documents and media". An easy to use folder structure, for organising your files, is also provided by DivShare. For added security, you can  password protect any of your folders.

When looking for files, you can view all files with the same format - with just one click. You can also carry out a keyword search.

Another useful feature, in DivShare, is the document viewer, which allows you to view all PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations right on the DivShare download page - helpful for sharing files with people who don’t have the right software. Also very useful for storing and viewing those blocked YouTube and Flickr files - so long as DivShare itself is not blocked!! The original file format can still be downloaded.

Uploading files is straight forward and by installing an activeX addon you can use the 'drag and drop' upload feature, which makes it even easier again!

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