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Sunday, January 6, 2008

OpenOffice in your Browser!

Ulteo Logo OpenOffice has never been more accessible!

Not only can you download it, you can also run it as a portable application and now you can access the latest version in your browser (no download required) thanks to Ulteo.

Ulteo allows you to save documents online (with password protection) as well as upload and download files as required. Storage space of 1GB is provided. There is also a very useful share option where you can invite others to view your OpenOffice documents as you are using them!

Ulteo have now also included a full online desktop feature - closed to new users at present.

The beta testers have already reported many benefits of Ulteo's innovative service including:
  • trying out desktop applications with one click without the long and tedious download, install and potential un-install process - with no impact on your machine
  • collaborate in a very easy manner with others on desktop applications
  • provide online training with the share feature
  • OpenOffice is automatically updated with new upgrades
  • use mail (with thunderbird) through the Ulteo interface
  • surf within the Ulteo online desktop
  • save and use most IM protocols - even use Skype
  • build your own digital desktop even if you don't own a PC
First came across Ulteo on Jane's eLearning blog.

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