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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Qedoc - The Queen of Quiz Makers

Qedoc Logo Qedoc provides interactive educational resources that anyone can use and change. The resources on the Qedoc Wiki Site are centred on quiz-making and quiz-taking. However, Qedoc is much more than just quiz making software and it can be used to build meaningful interactive learning content.

All quizzes are made using the Qedoc Quiz Maker. The completed quizzes are accessed through the Qedoc Quiz Player.

The Quiz Maker software is free to use provided that you share your quizzes on the Qedoc Wiki Site and provided that they have "acceptable content".

The Quiz Maker provides for 94 different types of questions including variations of multiple choice, cloze, matching, typed response and mathematical. Likert scale survey questions are also included.

Some of the resources can be exported to other platforms including Moodle. The submitted quizzes are organised into categories using keywords to allow for easy searching. Several super-categories (portals) have also been created to assist with finding relevant quizzes - as shown below.

Qedoc Super Categories

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