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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Image Editing and Slideshow Creation

FlauntR LogoflauntR is a one stop shop for online image editing and slideshow creation.

With flauntR you can create custom slideshows choosing from over "20 high end transition effects". Although, as far as I could tell, you can only use one transition per slide show - not different transitions for different slides.

FlauntR FeaturesThrough stylR you can edit your images by adding effects, frames, filters and overlays. There does not seem to be an easy 'undo button' to use if you apply an effect and don't like it! There is a reset button but this clears all the changes even if you only want to clear the last one.

textR allows you to add text using all sorts of fancy fonts, sizes, colours and alignments. editR lets you re-size, rotate or crop the image as well as adding effects such as sepia.

flauntR allows you to save your images to your online account or to your own computer.

Found this site from Paul Reid's blog. On first impressions, I still prefer Picnik, featured in an earlier post, but I guess I will give flauntR another go!

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