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Monday, March 3, 2008

Yacapaca for your Online Assessment

Yacapaca LogoIf you haven't tried it already then you should sign up for Yacapaca immediately!

Yacapaca is an excellent online assessment resource. In Yacapaca you can create and access quizzes, surveys, tests and eportfolios.

Yacapaca allows you to make student sets, containing your list of students, or simply allocate access keys. Once you have created your assignment it becomes available at a given address on the Internet.

For corrected assignments, not only is a markbook provided, which can be downloaded in csv format, but also detailed analysis of how the assignment was completed.

Authoring groups are available and once you have joined a group you can:
  • use assessments that are only available to group members
  • compile your own quizzes and surveys from the group question bank
  • create short-text tests, eportfolios and more
  • clip them together into complete courses
There is an astonishing 554 courses available to use, across a big range of subjects, including mainstream and niche areas.

This is a truly amazing collaborative resource and all free!!!

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