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Thursday, April 24, 2008

ICT Flash Games Database

ReviseICT Logo

ReviseICT.co.uk is a great place to visit for ICT flash based games. Although aimed at second level students, they are also useful for beginners learning ICT.

ReviseICT.co.uk includes such games as 'penalty shootout', 'walk the plank', 'beat the bomb', 'hoop shoot' and 'fling the teacher'!

Penalty ShootoutIn the 'penalty shootout', when you answer the question correctly, you get a chance to beat the goalkeeper. This provides great motivation to get the question right.

Also, you don't automatically beat the keeper - so this part is a bit of a challenge in itself :-)

Great for competitive types and sports enthusiasts. Some of the games also allow for two player participation.

Each of the revision topics in ReviseICT.co.uk has a collection of "notes, podcasts, mind-maps, games, quizzes and suggested links". As well as this, separate ICT related tutorials are also provided.

All of the flash games are produced using ContentGenerator, which even provides some of the games for free so that you can create your very own!

A great find and just in time for exam revision coming up!! Thanks David.

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