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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Storing and Sharing Your Files Online

Office Live WindowsThere are lots of file sharing sites out there most of which are blocked on our student network, simply because they allow file sharing!

But, I have just come across Office Live Workspace which, so far, remains open and accessible. I like Office Live Workspace because it allows you to upload many file types, including all the OpenOffice documents, as well as the normal Microsoft Office documents. This is a distinct advantage over Google Docs, which only allows for a limited number of file types.

officelive4.gifHandy features in Office Live Workspace include creating folders, called workspaces, and uploading multiple files using simple drag and drop.  The current upload limit is 500 MB for the whole account, with a maximum of 30MB per file.

You can also create specialised workspaces which already contain useful built in applications. For example, the class workspace contains a contact list, date list, class notes, essay outline and syllabus. Handy little features for students to use.

Sharing files/workspaces in Office Live Workspace is easy as you simply select the Share option on the toolbar and then add the e-mail addresses of people whom you'd like to grant read/write access to your document/workspace. Up to 100 people can be added.

NB: To share a single file it must be placed in the 'Documents' workspace.

Sharing the whole workspace or your screen could be good for online collaboration and demonstration.

Now blocked as of beginning of May 2008 :-(

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