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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dyslexia Friendly Spellchecker

GhotitGhotit offer a unique spellchecker for anyone who has dyslexia, dysgraphia or who is not a native-English speaker. Ghotit also offer a text to speech plugin for Internet Explorer.

Ghotit have designed a specific spellchecker because the "standard spell and grammar checkers address the needs of the general population, who demonstrates average spelling and whose spelling mistakes are typing errors resulting in a spelling that shows high resemblance to the requested word. These spell checkers produce low results for users who demonstrate poor English spelling".

The reasons for poor results being:
* The written word is ‘too far’ from the correct spelling
* There is no support for misused/out-of-context words - e.g. let’s meat later
* There is no assistance provided in selecting the correct substitute word

Thus, Ghotit have developed unique spelling algorithms which are at the core of the online spellchecker.

I like the way you can change the font style, size and colour as well as the background colour - another way to assist entering and reading text.

Found Ghotit through the LD Resources blog. Haven't been able to to test this 'live' yet but would be very interested to see if it does indeed make a difference. Has anyone else tried it??


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