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Monday, July 7, 2008

Portable Skype via USB

SkypeAlthough Skype have not created an official portable version, it is fairly simple to create your own version by following the steps given below.

Of course if you have a skype phone - you don't need a portable version!

However, I can see this being quite useful for a college situation where students regularly move from machine to machine and computer lab to computer lab.

Step 1: Create a folder on your USB drive. E.g. 'skype-portable'.

Step 2: Copy the 'skype.exe' file from the installed Skype folder on your PC (make sure you have downloaded and run the 'skypeSetup.exe' first) and paste it into your 'skype-portable' folder on your USB drive. The Skype folder should be found in 'program files' if you carried out a standard installation.

Step 3: Create a subfolder, called 'data' inside the 'skype-portable' folder.

Step 4: Create a new text file (use Notepad or Wordpad) and type in the following line - skype.exe /datapath:data /removable. Save the file, inside the 'skype-portable' folder, as 'skype.bat'

Step 5: Luanch the portable Skype by selecting the 'skype.bat' file.

It works a treat, no messy installation, no need to log in and out of different skype accounts on different machines!

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