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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Add Instant Definitions to your Site


By using a simple piece of code from Answers.com, you can add instant definitions and explanations for every single word on your blog or web site.

Users can look up word meanings with a simple 'double click'. The information appears in a pop up box so that they don't have to leave your site at all!!

In fact, the pop up box includes a selection of links to different sites so the first answer can be cross referenced if necessary.

Students can find the meaning for any word on your site, immediately, without going anywhere. Amazing!!!!  I love it :-)

The dictionary reference from Answers.com also provides an audio pronunciation  - an added bonus for language learning!

Together with Apture, reviewed here earlier, you can create an incredibly information rich, multimedia experience for your students.

Thanks to E|FL 2.0, where I saw Answers.com in action for the first time!

Answers.com Example

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