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Monday, August 18, 2008

Create and Analyse Surveys Online

Kwik Surveys lets you create, deliver and analyse surveys/questionnaires/polls online.

There are lots of nice features provided by Kwik Surveys including: instant results, customizable Logo's and themes and email notifications. You can also download your survey results in csv format.

Your questions can include:
* Multiple Choice (choose One/choose any)
* True or False and Yes/No
* Single Text Box
* Multiple Text Boxes (name, address)
* Presentation (No Answer)
* Rating Question (Matrix)
* Ordered List (Ranking)

You can also add multimedia into the question part of your survey. In fact, it is very easy to add/delete or duplicate questions as well as whole surveys.

This is one I will be using with my new students in September. Have I left out any important questions?

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