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Monday, September 8, 2008

Student Accounts for the Year

This year's first TWO classes with all new students will be dedicated to:

First Class
* introducing the websites to be used
* creating and logging onto the college VLE account
* changing the default user name to student's own name
* taking the technology usage survey (embedded in VLE)
* viewing results of survey (at KwikSurveys)
* filling out the registration form for Google Apps account (embedded in VLE)

Second Class
* signing into Google Apps and sending me an email
* adding bookmarks - Practical ICT website, Class wiki Site, Quiz Site and Google Docs page
* adding RSS feed for Notices Blog

And if there is still time:
* setting up Delicious account
* creating 'college' OpenId

Students will use the account form to record details of all their accounts.

Phew!!!! ;-)

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