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Monday, October 20, 2008

The Death of Education.....

I enjoyed listening to Stephen Heppell's keynote presentation, this week, for the opening of the K12 Online Conference 2008. I, particularly, liked his analogy with the crisis that is currently affecting the financial system and his warning that this too could happen to the education system, if we do not act now!

Professor Heppell talks about a new model of learning that involves "schools built around mutuality and usness and sharing and democracy". He warns us that "if we don’t adopt it then the old model of learning will disintegrate and will bite us in the face".

However, Professor Heppell believes we can meet the challenge saying "For me, this is the most exciting time ever. This is absolutely the death of education but, you know, it is wonderfully the dawn of learning".

This year, the Conference convenors are adding all the video content to the DotSub website, which enables any account member to add to the video's transcription or translate the original text into another language. What a great idea!

It is, however, a very slow task requiring the help of many volunteers, but after all "many hands make light work". Why not join in and add your bit or better yet encourage your students to also lend a hand.

What a wonderful opportunity for language students to participate in a 'live' and meaningful exercise. A global flat classroom project open to all :-)

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