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Friday, February 20, 2009

Dyslexia Friendly Spellchecker (2)

Ginger Software

I have already writen about Ghotit in a previous post and recently received an updated comment to that post from the Ginger Team giving details about their own "text correction technology", which would also be of great benefit for anyone with dyslexia.

In their comment, the Ginger Team explained exactly what you get with their software:
• Automatic correction of entire sentences
Ginger automatically replaces incorrect words with accurate alternatives. Other spell checkers require users to review each individual error and manually select an alternative.

• Correction of unusual spelling mistakes
With a single click, Ginger automatically corrects unusual spelling mistakes at a level unmatched by other spell checkers. For example: “phisik is my faverd sudgekt” is automatically changed to “physics is my favorite subject“.

• Correction of misused words
Ginger identifies and automatically corrects misused words that other spell checkers do not pick up. For example, “Which which is which” is automatically corrected to “Which witch is which”.

• Accurate results that make your point
Ginger’s unique technology corrects words by analyzing their context. Other spell checkers perform limited, if any, contextual analysis. Ginger makes accurate word replacements by taking your intention into account.

• Successful Beta trials
Ginger is used by schools, universities and dyslexia organizations in the US and the UK.
Once registered, you can download and use the software as required. Definitely looks very promising. Has anyone had been using this software? Would love to know how well it works.

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