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Thursday, February 12, 2009

On-Site Interactivity with Blist


Blist is an "online database that is visual and intuitive" allowing you to organize different types of information.

With Blist you can make and share simple to-do lists or complicated CRM solutions. You can import/export your data, use templates and copy/modify shared blists.

Blist have just recently added the form and grid widgets, which allow you to easily embed your Blist in your blog or website. This enables you to collect information and share your results with others – even if they do not have a Blist account.

The Blist widgets are great for providing immediate feedback and added interactivity - your site visitors can search and sort the data within the grid widget. Data can be added through the form widget or directly into the grid widget.

Try it out for yourself on this little example:
NB: For some reason sometimes the grid widget does not behave properly - it appears and then disappears leaving a blank white space! The results can be seen at Sample Blist.


Publish your data with blist

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