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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easy Backup and Synchronize Tool


Microsoft's SyncToy is a very useful utility. Use SyncToy to make regular backups of your important data or to synchronise your data held on different devices (computer, external hard drive, usb key etc).

With SyncToy available, there is no excuse for not keeping an up to date backup of all your important files and folders.

It really is straight forward to use:
* simply select the original folder (left folder) and the destination folder (right folder)
* choose one of the 3 methods of synchronising (synchronise, echo or contribute)
* set the synchronise options
* hit the run button

NB: Synchronise copies the new and updated files saved in either folder to the other. Echo is similar except the new and updated files are copied in one direction only (left to right). Contribute is the same as Echo except that file deletions are not replicated.

Feeling happy that I have just completed a full backup of all my work files - 41GB worth :-)

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