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Monday, July 13, 2009

Flashcards Collaboration


Cobocards is a handy application for creating flashcards. The editor is very easy to use and enables you to format text, add images, add mathematics formula and include links.

You can, also, print the flashcards (in pdf format) making it very easy to produce a nice laminated set for the tactile learner or for offline study! There are three print options available:
* Question on front and answer on back
* Question and answer on same page
* Sequential question and answer (ideal for mobile devices)

Cobocards provides lots of nice features, including tagging, commenting and tracking, which allow you to collaborate with others both in creating and studying the flashcards. Very useful for promoting collaboration in the classroom.

At the moment there is no facility to search for other flashcards created with Cobocards on the site. But, the Cobocards team are currently "working hard on a pool system" which "will be a platform for searching published flashcard sets, user, tags, etc". In the meantime, if you do know the URL of other published flashcards it is very easy to import them and edit them as you choose.

Cobocards is a work in progress and you are encouraged to add any suggestions for improvements/features on the users' wish list.

I like what I have seen so far and there is still more to come!!!


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