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Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Social Learning Revolution at Scilpo


Sclipo is a newly created social network designed specifically for those in education.
Sclipo's main social learning features include:
* A Profile which connects you with people of common educational interests.
* An Academy where you teach through the use of the other educational applications.
* A Courses application which allows you to create and post your courses.
* A Library where you store, manage and share educational content in any format.
* A Live Web Class allowing you to teach up to 100 students live through webcam, whiteboard and document presentation.  Students can participate actively through audio, video and chat.
* A Live Web Meeting room for audio and chat only meetings plus upload image files.
* Facebook Connection allowing you to easily connect and publish to Facebook.
* Payments Option (premium service) enabling you to charge students for your courses and web classes -  directly through PayPal.

The Sclipo platform looks promising. For me, the strongest features include the facebook connection (including single signon), the live web class and the live web meetings. As well as this, keeping track of the courses you are following and teaching is very well set out and a good message updating system is  included.

I would, however, like to see a desktop sharing element added to the live web class to allow for live demonstration from websites. I would, also, like to see a feature in the Library enabling embedded content. With so much creative commons content already available on the Internet, it should be easier to use it without having to download and upload again.

All in all, Sclipo is well worth checking out!


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