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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Enlightening Articles on Assessment

Tunisian English Teaching Forum

The second issue of the Tunisian English Language Teaching Forum (January 2010) provides some very interesting articles on the topic of 'Assessment'.

A subject, which by and large, affects all of us in education!

Tarak Brahmi has once again produced a highly professional layout, which enhances the reading experience. The Tunisian English Language Teaching Forum would be a great addition in any 'eLibrary'!

I, also, love the 'lighter side' puzzles page. The one below should get you thinking:

A little boy lives on the 15th floor. Every day, he tells his mom goodbye, takes the lift down, and goes to school. In the afternoon, he comes back home, takes the lift up, and stops at the 7th floor, then continues home on foot. Why?

The answer can be found in the magazine :-)


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