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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Programming and Game Development Course

Planet Kodu

I have just signed up for the Kodu Game Lab Course which started this Monday and will run for the next five weeks. The course will go through many aspects of game design using Kodu Game Lab, a programming platform developed by Microsoft.

Interestingly, the course has been designed as a 'connectivist' one influenced by the work of Stephen Downes and George Siemens and the desire “that the knowledge in this course emerges as a result of the connections among the [participants] … and is not some ‘content’ shoveled from experts to recipients”.

Looking forward to seeing how it works out. The 'connectivist' model may well prove to be a viable model for this 'Internet era' that we live in!

Oh and it is still not too late to sign up for the Kodu Game Lab Course :-)


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