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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4Quadrant TO DO List & iGoogle

4Quadrant TO DO List

I recently came across the idea of the 4-quadrant TO DO list while watching the excellent Time Management lecture from the late Randy Pausch.

Quad1 - items which are both urgent and important. These activities need to be dealt with immediately.
Quad2 - items which are important but not urgent. These don't have to be done right now.
Quad3 - items which must be dealt with right now, but are not important.
Quad4 - items which are neither urgent nor important.

The idea is that you complete Quad1 first and then Quad2 next. People go wrong by completing tasks in Quad3 after Quad1 before they get to the tasks in Quad2. In fact the theory is that you should not need to complete anything in Quad3 or Quad4, at all, because these items are NOT important!

This got me thinking as to how I could incorporate the 4Quadrant list in my iGoogle page as I already use Google Tasks for my linear TO DO list. Turns out that it is not too difficult. ;-)

You can easily add multiple instances of Google Tasks to iGoogle and you can create as many new lists as you wish. Position them side by side and hey presto, you have your 4-quadrant TO DO list.

Ideally, I would like to be able to resize and add a background colour to each of the Task Lists but, nevertheless, I think this layout will prove very useful for my work TO DOs!

TO DO List in iGoogle


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