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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Easy Photo Sharing with Yogile

Yogile must be the easiest photo sharing website I have come across. Looks like it could be very useful for the classroom.

Your whole class can easily contribute to a single album by uploading from computer, emailing or sending mms via mobile phone. You simply provide the details of your customized URL and/or Yogile e-mail address. Email notification is sent to you when new photos are added.

You can decide to share the Yogile album publicly, for anyone to see, or keep it just for your students. Simply add a password to the album. More than one album can be created so you could have different albums for different classes or different subjects. Resetting the album passwords is quite easy - if you have a new group of students or if you want to restrict access altogether!

When emailing photos, students can add their names to the subject line to identify their contribution. This will become the title of the photo. They could also add content to the main body of the email, which is added to the description of the photo. The album password should also be included in the body of the email.

The contents of the album can be viewed as thumbnails or a slideshow and each individual photo can be downloaded. Yogile provides a useful 100MB of storage.

The best thing of all is that your students do not have to register so the whole process of using Yogile really is "hassle-free".

My thanks to Anthony and Maurice, from Yogile, for the heads up on this one and for their prompt assistance with my queries!


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