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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Jigsaw Reading Technique

Just finished reading a great article, from the Tunisian English Teaching Forum, on Jigsaw Reading, by Tarak Brahmi. A number of class worksheets are also included.

Tarak explains
Jigsaw reading is a cooperative learning technique that aims at enhancing the learners’ reading comprehension skills by helping them to meaningfully interact with the reading material and to take responsibility in sharing what they have learnt with other learners.

I like the social aspect of this technique and although it is primarily aimed at enhancing reading, it could also be very useful in other subjects where memorising facts is required.

Tarak's article is just one of several excellent pieces included in the 5th edition of theTunisian English Teaching Forum magazine.

In light of the revolution that occurred in Tunisia in December 2010, this particular issue is "dedicated to the whole country and its martyrs for making a once-far-fetched dream become true".

The emphasis on raising awareness about Tunisia's "amazing beauty and it's boundless potential" is a wonderful addition in this poignant issue.


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