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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

21st Century Image Library

Humanline is a 21-st century image library, which licenses high-quality images of civilization’s art, science and history for both academic (free use) and professional use.

The aim of Humanline is to provide users with:
No negotiations. Just name your use and download.
No price inquiries. All price info can be seen online.
No third party clearance. If its available online, rights have already been cleared.
The collections already provided include:
  • The Neuwerk-Archiv - a German private collection that specializes in scientific illustrations 
  • The Pictus Orbis -  XVII to XIX century wood- and steel engravings, illustrated books, early magazines 
  • Mapmuseum -   early maps, townplans and cityviews from XVI to early XX century
  • Ukiyo Gallery - Japanese ukiyo-e prints


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