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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Online Goodies (7) - Scribd

Scribd LogoNeed access to your files anywhere, anytime? Then store them online using Scribd, which not only allows for the storage of files but also encourages public sharing of the documents. Scribd's stated aim is to "create the world's largest open library of documents". The files can be viewed in a web browser using Scribd's custom flash document viewer. Interestingly, the original file can be downloaded in a variety of different formats (pdf, word, txt or mp3).

This text document called 'Wiki as a Teaching Tool' includes an audio file on the page.

Files may be uploaded individually or in bulk. You can decide to keep the documents private or share them with the world! You can also create and join different groups and like other social networking sites, Scribd also lets you add friends.

MediaFire is a free file hosting service which allows anyone to share files and images. There is, currently, no limit on the number of files stored.

I am also using an account on Box (1GB storage). When I signed up it was completely free, but I notice now that they are charging for all of their accounts. The entry level Plus Plan allows 2GB of storage (50MB per file limit) for $25 per year. It will be interesting to see how long mine remains free!

Update: 25/8/08: Automatic convertion to mp3 at Scribd does not seem to be available any longer.

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