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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Which Avatar would you Choose?

There are several sites offering avatar creation ranging from cartoons to photo-based representations.

For the audio enthusiast, speaking avatars can be created at Voki. Political, VIP or classical characters can be selected and detailed changes made to the hair, skin and eyes. You can also select different clothes and backgrounds. Speech or other audio is easily added. A simple 'text to speech' converter is included and was used in the example above. The Voki also displays some animation as it follows the movement of the mouse when moved inside the player.

My Yahoo AvatarWith Yahoo Avatars you can create and save up to twelve different avatars. For each one, you can change their appearance, clothes and backgrounds. You could create different avatars for different occasions such as holidays, start of term, exam time etc.

Your avatar can be exported or downloaded to use where you wish - from website to mobile phone.

The Befunky site allows you to create Uvatars or Cartoons. Befunky is currently invite only and after submitting your email address you must wait for a confirmed invitation. I am still waiting for mine!!

My Simpson AvatarThe SimpsonizeMe site creates your simpson character based on a photo that you upload to the site.

Yes this is me!

You are allowed to fine tune your avatar by making several changes before downloading the final image.

Thanks to Mike Qaissaunee for the heads up on Befunky and SimpsonizeMe.

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