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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Create Data-Rich Interactive Pages


Exhibit lets you easily "create web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualizations".

With Exhibit you can create dynamic visualizations of your data collections without having to resort to complex database and server-side technologies. Your data can be searched and browsed using faceted browsing. Various different views including tiles, maps, etc can also be provided.

To keep things really simple, the data can easily be created and accessed from a google spreadsheet.

Although not necessary, a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and CSS is beneficial and will enable you to enhance the basic appearance of the webpage. Several examples are provided to help you get started.

Exhibit would be an excellent tool to support an integrated project involving spreadsheet/database and web design modules.

This website was created with a little data from the International Edubloggers Directory.

NB: Best viewed in Firefox or Chrome. Some formats appear to be lost when viewing in Internet Explorer and sometimes the page is redirected!!

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