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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Neat Application Launcher


Appetizer is a neat application launcher, or dock, for Windows.

Appetizer lets you organize your shortcuts and folders into a convenient dock, enabling you to tidy up the desktop. You can even run it from a portable device such as a USB drive.

With Appetizer, you can easily add/remove shortcut icons, re-order icons and even create groups for related icons.

Appetizer certainly tidies up the desktop and would be very useful for organising important shortcuts on computers that are used in a computer lab/classroom.

Thinking of using this on our college machines next term. Do you know of any better application launchers out there?

Update: 6th May 2009. Have just come across RocketDock, which also looks very promising!

Update: 15th May 2009. And yet another one, FreeBar, which could also do the job nicely.

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