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The Author
I initially qualified with a BSc in Maths and Chemistry way back in the Eighties. During my HDip year, in Trinity College, I became very interested in using computers in education.

Currently based in ICFE, I have been teaching ICT for over 20 years. Recently, I completed an MA in Digital Media Development for Education (University of Limerick). At present, I am embracing all things Web2.0 – hence this blog!

I truly believe that Web2.0 has the potential to enhance not only ICT but all areas of education.

This Blog
This blog focuses on resources that are freely available on the Internet and which may be used in education. The targeted resources will run on PCs using Microsoft Windows. However, many of the resources referenced have also been developed to run in environments (Mac, Linux etc).

The lists of software recorded here are a reflection of the software used on a day to day basis. They are not meant to be exhaustive. Recommendations, from readers, for any other good free software are always very welcome!!

Blog Posts
I aim to publish posts at least a couple of times a week during term time. With more free time available in the summer, posts should be even more frequent! Comments are open and discussion is welcome – no registration is required. You may subscribe to RSS feeds here or add the blog to your favourites in Technorati.

All the links within the posts open in the same window (by default). If you prefer to open them in another window/tab simply right click on the link and select your destination - for IE users!

Blog Audience
This blog is primarily aimed at fellow teachers who are taking their first steps into the wonderful world of ICT and Web 2.0 in particular. It may, hopefully, also provide some tips and resources for those teachers who have already embraced Web2.0. Also, many of the resources referenced will be just as useful for students as well as teachers.

Why should You subscribe?
On subscribing you should receive regular updates on current, cutting edge, FREE resources that may be used for your teaching/learning. The posts are short and include relevant multimedia content, where appropriate.

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